Welcome, Inclusion, Attentive Presence: the Central Role of Pastoral Care in Catholic Health and Aged Care traces how pastoral care in Catholic health and aged care sits within a long tradition stretching back to the healing ministry of Jesus and the early Christian church, and was carried forward through the charism of the religious orders that established many of our present day Catholic hospitals and aged care services.  While discussing the history and origins of pastoral care, the purpose of the document is to look to the future—the “why, what, and where we are heading” in pastoral care.
The writing of this book has been no easy task and CHA is grateful for the insightful academic and practical understanding Professor Maryanne Confoy RSC has brought to the exercise.  Special thanks are also due to the members of the CHA Pastoral Care Special Interest Group, the CHA Mission and Identity Committee and members of the CHA Board who offered invaluable comments and suggestions along the way.
Welcome, Inclusion, Attentive Presence: The Central Role of Pastoral Care in Catholic Health and Aged Care aims to assist a wide range of people working in and around pastoral care services.  It is intended as a resource for ongoing reflection and discussion. In this way, it can guide decision-makers at all levels as they plan and prioritise pastoral services, and assist individuals and teams to continually deepen their appreciation as well as their practice of this vital discipline.

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