Mission Fit Copy

This resource has been developed by the Catholic Health Australia (CHA) Pathways Taskforce to assist Catholic organisations to evaluate the effectiveness of their formation programs.

Effective formation programs are essential to the leadership and governance of Catholic organisations as well as the inculturation of all staff into the communal, spiritual and organisational parameters of a Catholic ministry.  This publication reflects on what we already know about formation and its impact.  It draws on current literature and research to assist CHA members to better evaluation the impact of their formation programs and to keep learning in the process.

The booklet takes readers through a number of steps including:

  • Defining what formation is
  • Outlining the importance of formation
  • Providing a practical guide to getting started by defining formation outcomes and setting a baseline for evaluation
  • Explaining a number of tools and processes available to undertake evaluation; and
  • An appendix with some practical examples and sample evaluation tools that could be used and adapted to suit organisations.


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