Copy of Code of Ethical Standards 3

The Catholic Health Australia (CHA) Code of Ethical Standards for Catholic Health and Aged Care Services: Supplementary Papers includes a selection of articles, guidance documents and policies to provide practical and empirically-based insights into how the CHA Code of Ethical Standards (The Code), published in 2001, can be, and has been, used to guide ethical decisions in Catholic health and aged care.

Since The Code was written, many Catholic ethicists, clinicians and others have used it as a framework to guide them on a range of ethical issues in health and aged care.  This has included many new and emerging issues which have taken on greater significance in health and aged care ethics since The Code was published. 

As the title of this document suggests, these are supplementary papers to the CHA Code of Ethical Standards and as such it would be helpful for readers to also have a copy of The Code to hand for cross-referencing and background reading.

Together, The Code and The Supplementary Papers provide comprehensive reference material to guide ethical discussions, decisions and policy documents in Catholic health, aged and community care organisations and facilities.


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