Health debate: Where is the detail?

Catholic Health Australia (CHA) today welcomed the recognition by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott that non-government health services have an important role to play in caring for Australians.

Catholic health and aged care: where to by 2020 and beyond?

If you had the chance to start from scratch, how would you shape Catholic health and aged care?

Using private beds to cut public waiting time makes sense

The Prime Minister's announcement to use private hospital beds to treat people waiting lengthy times for public elective surgery will eventually help improve the performance of the Nation's hospital system.

CHA: Make aged care an entitlement like Medicare

Aged care should be made an entitlement available to every person who needs it, according to a community aged care policy blueprint released today by the nation's largest non-government provider of hospital and aged care services.

CHA warns not-for-profit workers could be worse off

Catholic Health Australia (CHA) today warned tax policy directions proposed in the Productivity Commission's report on the Contribution of the Not-For-Profit sector could lead to a pay cut for health and aged care workers.

Human rights champion to advocate for Australia's disadvantaged

In an unprecedented move, respected human rights advocate Father Frank Brennan has been appointed an official advocate for four of Australia's leading health, social services, aged care and education bodies.

Efficient and cost-effective health reform: PM has the power

Catholic Health Australia (CHA) today said the Federal Government could quickly and easily cut public hospital surgery waiting lists by nearly half by implementing a simple cost-effective national program to connect patients with hospitals that have available beds.

Largest, riskiest health reform likely to be hidden in Treasury report

An independent report has found Catholic not-for-profit hospitals could be forced to pay $192 million per annum if Treasury's tax reform recommendations include the scrapping of tax concessions to charities.

Non-government hospitals deliver care at less cost

Catholic Health Australia (CHA) today again urged the Federal Government to allow private hospitals to take on more public elective surgery, following the release of the Productivity Commission's final report on public and private hospital performance.

Enough talk -- time for action on health and aged care: CHA

Catholic Health Australia (CHA) today called on the Federal Government to stop talking and start acting to reform health and aged care, after political leaders resolved to defer any decisions on health reform until next year.

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