Palliative care must reach society's most vulnerable and marginalised

Someone living with a disability, mental illness or in prison is just as entitled to receive quality care at the end of their life as any other member of the population, Catholic Health Australia (CHA) has argued in its submission to a Senate Inquiry into palliative care.

Momentum for aged care reform is unstoppable

The leading organisation representing older Australians and the largest network of Church aged care providers in the country say there is a strong sense of unity among the aged care sector and the momentum for reform is unstoppable.

Community service ministers must act on adoption this Friday

Catholic Health Australia is urging the community services ministers of all states and territories to use their meeting later this week to outline concrete steps to implement key recommendations of the Senate Inquiry into past adoption practices and continue the healing process.

National apology for past adoptions first step towards healing

Catholic Health Australia (CHA) has endorsed this afternoon's key recommendation of the Senate Inquiry report into past adoption practices that proposes a national apology, and has called on state and territory government community services ministers to adopt the Senate's action plan when they meet on March 30.

Time for state governments to offer adoption policy apology

A Senate Inquiry report into past adoption policies to be tabled in Parliament tomorrow should recommend all state and territory governments in Australia acknowledge that ongoing pain has been caused for many as a result of past adoption policies, and that a national government apology is needed as part of the healing process for many affected people.

Study raises doubts over sustainability of aged care

A comprehensive study into the costs of building and operating aged care facilities has revealed a funding deficit of up to $62 per bed per day for operators of Australian aged care homes and casts doubt over the sustainability of the aged care sector under the current system.

Pacific Islands Forum urged to address health disparities

The head of Australia's largest network of non-government health services will this week call on the Pacific Islands Forum to follow the lead of the European Commission and work on an international basis to address the major factors that contribute to people's prospects of a healthy life.

Aged care must be next in line for roadmap

Catholic Health Australia is pleased to see Mental Health and Ageing Minister Mark Butler today issue a draft "roadmap" for mental health reform over the next 10 years, and now waits eagerly for a similar way forward to be presented for aged care reform.

Yet more evidence that aged care needs reform in 2012

More than 2500 aged care beds needed by older Australians will not be built because the current aged care system is not sustainable, Catholic Health Australia said following the release of the Aged Care Approvals Round this morning.

CHA asks Government to proceed carefully on charity definition

Catholic Health Australia is urging the Government not to put at risk the delivery of services to the vulnerable and disadvantaged by triggering unintended legal confusion with a new legislative definition of charity.

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