Health commission reopens debate on bonds in high care

Catholic Health Australia (CHA) Chief Executive Martin Laverty said he was pleased that the National Health and Hospitals Reform Commission (NHHRC) had highlighted CHA's proposal that Catholic-run hospitals trial direct Commonwealth funding of public hospitals.

"The Government is being invited to consider direct funding of public hospitals, and Catholic Health Australia has offered our hospitals to trial this approach," said Mr Laverty.

CHA also welcomed the NHHRC's proposal that the Government consider bonds for high care residential aged care, outlined in its interim report today.

"The way in which Australian aged care is funded must be overhauled if we are to maintain a sustainable and quality system as our population ages," Mr Laverty said.

"CHA is happy to see the Commission re-open the debate about introducing bonds in high care residential aged care.

"Also important is the recognition in today's report that there should be a single national process for assessment and entry into aged care."

Proposals in the NHHRC report to focus on improving the health of the poor and reducing health inequalities in Australia also won CHA's support.

"CHA would like to see initiatives to improve health equality, and an annual report on national health inequalities to keep a check on whether they're working," Mr Laverty said.

"We proposed to the Commission a health access ombudsman to report annually on health inequities."

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