SJOG Subiaco Hospital Trials Wearables to Reduce Workplace Injuries

St John of God Subiaco Hospital is the first private hospital in the country to trial a ground-breaking wearable coaching device designed to reduce workplace injuries.

Staff at SJOG Subiaco Hospital in Perth have been using SoterCoach, a wearable product that monitors and records at-risk body posture movements to prevent back and shoulder injuries. It constantly assesses body movements by using AI and real-time feedback to coach workers to self-correct their movements. 

Shane O’Brien, Manual Task Consultant at St John of God Subiaco Hospital, said: “Many roles at our hospital require manual handling. Moving a patient or bed incorrectly or lifting a heavy object the wrong way can lead to ongoing issues and finding new ways to keep our workers safe and motivated to move safely is something we take pride in doing.”

Mr O’Brien added: “It has been successful in supporting caregivers in a variety of roles, including nursing, engineering, cleaning and maintenance. It has even been useful in ensuring the safety of injured staff returning to work.”

The pilot delivered improvements for all employees but for those in high-risk roles there was more than a 50 per cent drop in the number of hazardous movements recorded each hour. 

Matthew Hart, Chief Executive Officer of Soter Analytics, said: “The SoterCoach technology provides an organisation valuable insight into the risk profile of their entire workforce, allowing them to continuously improve their health and safety mechanisms and protect their workers from injury. Having the opportunity to pilot the device in a hospital setting has allowed us to better understand movements that can lead to injury in this type of industry.”

The pilot was so successful at Subiaco Hospital that St John of God Health Care is now planning on deploying the program throughout its organisation.


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