Since the day our founders, the Sisters of Charity, arrived in Australia, St Vincent’s has been helping people in need.

Our Mission calls us to walk alongside people at their most vulnerable and provide them with compassionate and excellent health and aged care. It’s what makes us different. It’s why people choose us.

More than a century ago, the Sisters worked side by side with our doctors and nurses to care for thousands of people during the Spanish Flu pandemic.

Today, we are on the frontline in Victoria in the fight against COVID-19.

St Vincent’s health and aged care professionals in Victoria are working under incredibly difficult conditions - our Victorian team need additional support. 

At this time, there is an urgent need for experienced and well-trained nursing staff across our hospitals and residential aged care facilities.

We are therefore putting out a call to all of our RNs and ENs in Queensland – working in our hospitals and aged care services – and asking if any may be willing to take up this invitation and support St Vincent’s Health Australia’s (SVHA) nursing needs in Victoria, particularly in aged care, ICU and ED, but all medical/surgical nurses are welcome and needed. Those who accept the call with be seconded to St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne (SVHM) in the first instance.

Staff will be required in Victoria for at least two weeks, with a preference for longer - and will need to self-isolate for a further 14 days on their return home to Queensland.

SVHM and SVHA, working closely together, will organise all of the logistical arrangements – including flights, accommodation, travel while in Victoria, rosters and remuneration.

Salaries and benefits will be paid as per your existing terms and conditions, although top-ups may be provided where local rates are higher. You will also receive your normal remuneration (or historical average hours for casuals) for the required self-isolation period on return to Queensland.

We will assist any staff who express an interest to confirm your immunisation status and prepare you with adequate training and readiness. Once on the ground, nurses will be provided with full PPE, orientation, clinical governance, and all necessary supports.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please discuss it with your Manager. If approved, please follow this link for further information and to confirm your intention to proceed.

Once you confirm, we will work quickly to connect with you and settle arrangements. In the event we are over-subscribed in any particular clinical discipline or areas of work, we ask for your understanding if we are unable to accept your offer to assist at this time. We will put you on a waiting list for a future deployment.

This invitation is not made lightly. You may be working in COVID-positive environments. The work will be hard and exhausting.

But you will be walking in the footsteps of generations of St Vincent’s nurses, enlarging your place in a tradition of care and helping others that goes back more than 180 years.

And there is no greater need for help or care in Australia today.

Stay safe,


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