Labor’s commitment to provide additional funding for public hospitals welcomed

12 June 2016
Labor’s commitment to provide additional funding for public hospitals welcomed

Today’s announcement that a Shorten Labor government will re-commit to funding 50% of the efficient growth in public hospital costs was welcomed by CHA CEO, Suzanne Greenwood.

“Our public hospitals play a vital role in the health of our community, including the most vulnerable and disadvantaged. It is important that they are provided with the resources necessary to maintain that role,” Mrs Greenwood said.

 “The commitment by Labor to 50% growth funding would ensure that the Commonwealth will continue over the long term to play its share in making sure that public hospitals are properly resourced. By being exposed to growth in hospital costs, it will also strengthen the incentive for the Commonwealth to appropriately fund primary and aged care services – thereby reducing future hospital demand”, said Mrs Greenwood.

“CHA also welcomes Labor’s proposal to look more closely at the role the Commonwealth may play in subacute care, including rehabilitation, palliative care, geriatric evaluation and management, and psychogeriatric care. These services are often significantly under-funded across Australia.”

“With our increasing burden of chronic disease and our ageing population, our health system must do more to assist people to live independently; and when that is no longer possible to enable them to access to care in the most appropriate setting,” Mrs Greenwood added.

Catholic Health Australia represents Australia’s largest non-government grouping of hospitals, aged and community care services, providing approximately 10% of hospital and aged care services in Australia, including around 30 % of private hospital care as well as around 5% of public hospital care.

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