Nurse the Nation: An Australian first

Catholic hospitals and aged care facilities across Australia have launched an innovative new scheme encouraging nurses and midwives to broaden their professional experience and fund their travels around the nation.

With a website that is part travel guide, part employment agency, Nurse The Nation matches short-term hospital and aged care vacancies with qualified nurses who are backpacking or caravanning, or who want to experience living and working in a new environment without having to resign their existing job.

Nurse The Nation creator, Caroline Hudson, Executive Director of People and Learning at Mater Health Services Brisbane, said the initiative is unprecedented in Australia.

"We are very excited about the potential for Nurse The Nation to help nurses further their career and earn some money while travelling," Ms Hudson said.

"It will also help participating hospitals and aged care facilities maintain the staff numbers they need to continue providing quality care to patients."

Through, nurses can apply for temporary jobs at more than 50 independent hospitals and aged care facilities throughout Australia and New Zealand, from Hobart to Cairns and Christchurch to Bunbury.

Backpacking graduates and caravanning retirees in particular are encouraged to register on the website.

"We're trying to attract those people who might otherwise not seek to work as a nurse at a time where we are critically short of nurses," Ms Hudson said.

"We also encourage nurses who work full-time at a Catholic Health Australia member organisation to apply for a short-term clinical placement at another CHA facility -- to gain experience and see another part of this great nation."

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