If you are a leader in a Catholic Church organisation, there are some rules and obligations you need to know about – watch this to find out what they are.

Fr Brian Lucas previously of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference speaks on the theme "A Ministry of the Church: Fulfilling Our Obligations as a Church provider of health and aged care". Fr Lucas explains the importance of Catholic health and aged care services within the broader Catholic Church structures. While the Catholic Church is made up of people – a community of believers – it is also a global institution and as such it needs to abide by the laws of the places where it is exists. It also has a governing structure for ministries under the Church’s umbrella, often referred to as Church law or the Code of Canon Law. Leaders in Catholic health and aged care organisations need to be familiar with the Code of Canon Law and other concepts such as Public Juridic Person (PJPs) to fulfil their obligations in leading a Church based ministry.

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