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For over 180 years, our services in Australia have served people with a life-threatening illness through a commitment to excellence in end of life care. This reflects our healthcare tradition of nearly 2,000 years which seeks out those who are vulnerable in any way and responds to them through compassion and accompaniment with the best skills and knowledge available. In this, our ethic of care aligns with the long tradtiion of Hippocratic medicine. In this seminar, we will explore this commitment to excellence in end of life care, its manifestations nationally and internationally, what it looks like in Victoria in the advent of the ‘Voluntary Assisted Dying Act’, and how we can continue to commit courageously to excellence in end of life care. Presenters include: Dr Carol Taylor, Dr Dan Fleming, Dr Ellen Marks and A/Prof Natasha Michael. You may attend as a half-day or full-day delegate.

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