Submission to NHMRC paper, National Guidance on Collaborative Maternity Care

Catholic Health Australia made a submission in response to the National Medical and Health Research Council's paper, National Guidance on Collaborative Maternity Care.

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Submission to the Department of Health and Ageing Pathology Funding Review

Further funding cuts to pathology will lead to the sector being dominated by one or two corporate entities and would be especially difficult for Catholic not for profit providers, Catholic Health Australia has warned the Department of Health and Ageing.

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Submission to Senate Inquiry into COAG health reforms

When the final report of the National Health and Hospital Reform Commission was presented to Government, there was anticipation that many of its recommendations would lead to vast improvements in the health of all Australians. Many health providers, of which the Catholic Church is one, lament that much of the Commission's reform vision has not been addressed by the Council of Australian Governments.

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Submission on Federal Financial Relations Amendment (National Health and Hospitals Network) Bill

The legislative arrangements to fund the new National Health and Hospitals Network should ensure transparency and equitable treatment in the funding flows between the Commonwealth, State based joint funding authorities, Local Hospital Networks and ultimately to hospitals, CHA's submission state. It is also important to retain the autonomy of Catholic public contract hospitals within Local Hospital Networks (LHNs). For more detail and CHA's other recommendations:

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Submission on establishment of National Performance Authority

CHA has provided a submission to the House of Representatives Inquiry into the establishment of the National Performance Authority.

In the submission CHA argues that the establishment of a body that brings together performance information on health outcomes, safety and quality metrices as well as financial and administrative data should be supported. We also argue that care needs to be taken in designing performance indicators to avoid unintended consequences; that information collections need to be rationalised; and that the governance arrangements should provide for representation from across the health sector, including non government hospitals.

The Parliamentary Library has also released its Bills Digest, with quite a few references to CHA's submission to this and earlier inquiries

CHA's submission can be found here.

Letter to the Senate Standing Committee on Community Affairs

Inquiry into the Commonwealth contribution to former forced adoption policies and practices.

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Submission on National Health Reform Amendment (Independent Hospital Pricing Authority) Bill

The Federal Government plans to create a new objective national assessment of public hospital costs, which may over time inform where health system funds can be most efficiently applied. Catholic Health Australia supports such a mechanism, but also sees flaws in the legislation as drafted. CHA has accordingly made a submission to the Inquiry in the Bill.

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2012-13 pre-Budget submission to Treasury

Catholic Health Australia has responded to Treasurer Wayne Swan's invitation to Australian families, individuals, businesses and community groups to submit ideas and priorities for the 2012-13 Federal Budget. In its submission, CHA outlines a number of priorities for aged care as part of the wider efforts to reform the sector.

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