Pastoral Care

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Catholic health and aged care services strive to give witness to a deep reverence for human life. The hallmark of a Catholic approach to care is the awareness of the spiritual nature of the person and the integral role this has in holistic healing. The many ways of attending to spiritual concerns and issues that arise alongside the physical is the domain of pastoral care.

Catholic Health Australia has implemented a range of initiatives to support members as they seek to provide pastoral services for patients, residents and their families.

Pastoral Care Issues Consultation Paper, 2011

In September 2011, a Consultation Paper was prepared summarising the issues and challenges currently facing organisations and pastoral carers. Click here to download the paper.

Through an online survey CHA received feedback on the issues and strategies identified in this paper. Click here to see a summary of the feedback. 

An action plan with six priorities was finalised to respond to the agreed issues and challenges. Click here to access the action plan. 

A CHA Pastoral Care Working Group was established to consider scope of practice, standards and competencies required for the various and differing pastoral care roles across member services. Also reviewed were the formation requirements and opportunities available to achieve these competencies. Click here to access the Working Group's Terms of Reference. 

Scope of Practice frameworks

Members of the CHA Pastoral Care Working Group found that rather than preparing new scope of practice frameworks, useful documents already exist which will assist members to develop frameworks specific to their organisation's needs and circumstances. Members are encouraged to refer to:

Pastoral Services in Catholic Health, Community and Aged Care – Contemporary Practice, CHA 2010

Healthcare Chaplaincy Council of Victoria, Capability Framework 2012

The HCCVI Capability Framework 2011 is a very useful guide but it is important to note that for many organisations it will at present most likely be an aspirational guide which provides a horizon to work towards over time.

A Directory of Formation Opportunities

A Directory of Formation Opportunities for pastoral carers was prepared by the LCMHC National Pastoral Care Coordinators' Committee. Click here to access the directory.

This resource has been made available to CHA members and will be updated from time to time. Suggested additions and amendments may be sent to Susan Sullivan by clicking here.

The CHA Pastoral Care Working Group will continue the work it has begun in response to the issues identified and provide updates to members via this website.

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