Aged Care

Submission to Inquiry into affordable housing

Catholic Health Australia, in its submission to the Inquiry into affordable housing, called on the Inquiry to recommend the Commonwealth have a significant role in legislating and funding programs that stimulate affordable housing opportunities for older Australians. CHA offered seven recommendations that would help bring about that objective. Click here to read the submission.

Submission to Ministers on Red Tape Reduction

As the Abbott Government seeks to eliminate red tape, Catholic Health Australia wrote to Ministers Kevin Andrews and Mitch Fifield, as well as Parliamentary Secretary Josh Frydenberg, supporting those efforts. The letters can be read by clicking here. CHA also sent the Ministers this attachment, outlining the range of areas in which red tape could be reduced in aged care without compromising quality and safety.

Submission to the National Commission of Audit

In late 2013, the Coalition Government announced there would be a National Commission of Audit. Click here to read Catholic Health Australia's submission to the Commission of Audit.

Submission to the Senate Community Affairs Committee on five aged care bills

In its submission to the Senate Inquiry into five bills related to the Government's aged care reforms announced in April 2012, Catholic Health Australia gave its qualified support to the passage of the legislation, saying they were the next step in progressive reform to support the future sustainability and quality of aged care services. However, there are missed opportunities from the Productivity Commission's Caring for Older Australians report, and CHA has reservations about the Workforce Supplement, among other concerns.

Click here to read CHA's submission.

Response to Exposure Draft of Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Bill 2012

Catholic Health Australia has given its conditional support to the Commonwealth Government's plan to consolidate existing anti-discrimination laws into one piece of legislation. CHA told a Senate Inquiry that Catholic hospitals and aged care services do not discriminate in either who they employ or provide hospital or aged care services to, but that the proposed laws risk imposing new compliance costs on human service organisations if the burden of proof is reversed to place the onus on service providers to disprove discrimination has occurred. Click here to read CHA's submission on proposed anti-discrimination reforms.

Analysis of Government's aged care reform

Catholic Health Australia's senior aged care policy adviser Nick Mersiades has conducted an analysis of the Government's aged care reforms announced on April 20, 2012. Click here to access the document.

Senate Inquiry into palliative care in Australia

In its submission on palliative care in Australia, Catholic Health Australia calls on governments to be mindful of some of society's most vulnerable and marginalised -- including those in prison, those with a disability and those with a mental illness -- when making plans on how best to deliver palliative care.

Click here to read CHA's submission.

Australian Cost of Residential Aged Care Research

The Australian Cost of Residential Aged Care Research, released on February 2, 2012, was conducted by accountancy firm Grant Thornton Australia. The study examined the costs of building and operating aged care facilities and revealed a funding deficit of up to $62 per bed per day for operators, casting doubts over the sustainability of the aged care sector.

Catholic Health Australia was one of the sponsors of the study, along with Aged Care Association of Australia, Aged and Community Services Australia, Aged Care Association South Australia, Australian Unity, Aged Care Association Australia NSW and Aged & Community Care Victoria.

Caring for Older Australians: Initial Analysis and Assessment

The Productivity Commission's final report Caring for Older Australians was released by the Commonwealth Government for public consultation in August 2011. The report contains far-reaching recommendations for reform of Australia's aged care system.

Catholic Health Australia's initial analysis and assessment of the report's key recommendations may be downloaded by clicking here.

Submission on draft report Caring for Older Australians

CHA has provided a submission to the Productivity Commission in response to its draft Report Caring for Older Australians, which was released in January 2011 for public consultation.  In its response, CHA notes that the Commission's draft recommendations embrace the reform directions put in CHA's submissions to the Inquiry, which called for fundamental reform of aged care in order to secure its sustainability and improve its responsiveness to individual consumer needs.  CHA's response, however, also canvases a number of aspects of some proposals which, if addressed , would strengthen the overall reform package.  Also attached is a supplementary submission made following CHA's appearance at the Commission's public hearings in April 2011 at which CHA was invited to provide specific comment on a number of issues.

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