Aged Care Committee

Mr David Maher, Managing Director Catholic Healthcare

Ms Jan Horsnell, CEO Southern Cross Care (VIC)

Mr Paul Bradley, National Director Retirement Communities, Calvary Community Care

Mr Carlo Calogero, Executive Director Aged Care Services, MeryCare WA

Mr John Leahy, Regional Chief Executive Officer, St Vincent's Health and Aged Care

Mr Paul McMahon, Chief Executive Officer, Southern Cross Care NSW & ACT

Mr Marcus Riley, Chief Executive Officer, BallyCara

Mr Greg Pullen, Chief Executive Officer, Villa Maria/Catholic Homes

Ms Voula Yankoulas, Executive Director - Residential Aged Care, Mercy Health

Mr Richard Gray AM, Senior Aged Care Advisor, Catholic Health Australia

Mrs Sue Greenwood, Chief Executive Officer, Catholic Health Australia

Mr Nick Mersiades, Director, Aged Care, Catholic Health Australia

Directors of Nursing and Midwifery Committee

Ms Janine Loader (Chair), Chief Nursing Officer, St Vincent's and Mercy Private, Melbourne

Ms Cheryl Clayton, Director of Nursing, Mater Private Hospital

Ms Rachel Bush, Director, Inpatient Services, Hawkesbury District Health Services

Ms Susan O'Neill, Director of Nursing, Cabrini

Ms Sue Hanson, Group Clinical Director, Little Company of Mary Health Care

Ms Alison Patrick, Executive Director of Nursing and Midwifery, Mercy Health

Ms Jennifer Pitt, Nursing Director, Mater Health Services

Mr Shane Combs, Director of Nursing, Mater Misericordiae Hospital, Mackay

Health Committee

Dr John O'Donnell (Chair), CEO, Mater Misericordiae Health Services, Brisbane, Qld

Ms Brenda Ainsworth, National Director of Public Hospitals, Little Company of Mary Healthcare (Calvary Healthcare)

Dr Linda Mellors, Executive Director Health Services, Mercy Health

Mrs Lynne Sheehan, COO, Mercy Health and Aged Care, Central Queensland

Dr Michael Stanford, Group CEO, St John of God Health Care

Dr Michael Walsh, CEO, Cabrini Health, Melbourne, Victoria

Mission and Identity Committee

Ms Julia Abrahams, Director of Mission and Chief Counsel, Catholic Healthcare Limited

Mr Mark Green, National Director of Mission, Little Company of Mary Health Care

Ms Julia Trimboli, Director of Mission Services, Cabrini Health

Fr Cormac Nagle ofm, Ethicist, Melbourne

Ms Jennifer Stratton, Group Director Mission, St John of God Health Care

Mr Jack de Groot, Group Mission Leader, St Vincent's Health Australia

Ms Madonna McGahan, Executive Director Mission Leadership, Mater Health Services

Ms Susan Sullivan, Director Mission Strategy, Catholic Health Australia

Mrs Suzanne Greenwood, Chief Executive Officer, Catholic Health Australia


Pathways Committee

Ms Jennifer Stratton, Chair CHA Mission and Identity Committee

Mr Kevin Mercer, CEO Holy Spirit Care Services, Qld

Dr Caroline Thompson, Director, Mercy Partners Formation Program

Sr Helen Clarke rsc, Trustee Mary Aikenhead

Vacant, LCM Health Care Representative

Adjunct Professor Stephen Cornelissen, CEO, Mercy Victoria

Ms Kerry Shearer, Executive Officer to the CEO, Mercy Health

Mr Jan Horsnell, CEO Southern Cross Care, Victoria

Ms Cath Garner, DOM Cabrini Health

Rev Dr Joe Parkinson, Member CHA Stewardship Board

Rev Dr Gerard Arbuckle SM, Consultant

Dr Tony Baker, Member St John of God Health Care Board

Ms Marcelle Mogg, CEO, Catholic Social Services Australia

Mrs Suzanne Greenwood, CEO, Catholic Health Australia

Ms Susan Sullivan, Director Mission Strategy, Catholic Health Australia




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